Image showing a baby doing tummy time, holding their head up and holding a wooden baby rattle

Why is Tummy Time for Babies so Important?

In short, tummy time provides your baby with the opportunity to develop and strengthen their muscles, which is important as it leads to gross motor development and brain development!

Benefits of Tummy Time:

  • During tummy time, babies will strengthen their neck, arm, shoulder and back muscles, which helps the baby with movement.
  • Tummy time allows the baby to see the world from different angles, and all the learning and observations promote healthy brain development!
  • Tummy time can help the baby meet milestones such as rolling, crawling, and then walking.
  • You can do tummy time any time your baby is not too sleepy or hungry, so they are more likely to be engaged in the activity, learning should be fun!

Wooden Baby Rattle 

Image showing baby doing tummy time holding a wooden baby rattle

How to make Tummy Time FUN?

Fun Toys! If you place age appropriate toys in front of your baby, you will notice they will try to reach for the toys, all while holding their head up and strengthening their muscles.

A favourite of ours are baby rattles, as you can roll them or shake them for your baby. The baby rattle sounds adds to the whole learning experience as they will start to track the source of the sound, and will also be encouraged to move towards the baby rattle!

Wooden Baby Rattle 

 Image showing a wooden baby rattle


Wooden Egg Shaker 

Image showing wooden  egg baby rattles

Enjoy your tummy time babies! 

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