What are Fine Motor Skills?

What are Fine Motor Skills?

To put it simply, fine motor skills refer to the coordination, dexterity, and precision of movement in our hands, fingers and wrists. These movements allow us to complete daily tasks. For children, this includes activities like writing or colouring in, tying shoe laces, feeding themselves, getting dressed, and so on. If a child is having difficulty with these tasks, you can encourage them to complete play activities that strengthen their fine motor skills, as this will ultimately improve their performance in functional tasks like feeding themselves, getting dressed independently (being able to manipulate buttons, shoe laces and so on), as well as engage in their other desired activities!

How can you Strengthen Fine Motor Skills?   

One of the best activities you can do to help strengthen fine motor skills is lacing! Lacing can be incorporated into play activities. It’s important to not put pressure on the child, let them play with the lacing toy/activity and learn at their own pace, play should be FUN!

Here are some fun lacing toys that can help with fine motor skills


** Fine motor skills can be broken down into many more motor components such as bilateral coordination, however we will cover these other components in another blog post, to keep this one simple.


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