Top 7 Benefits of Outdoor Play

Top 7 Benefits of Outdoor Play

1. Exploring the Natural Environment

When playing outside, your child has the chance to explore the natural environment, which promotes discovery of new things!

Image showing magnifying glasses on bark

These wooden magnifying glasses are a favourite amongst toddlers, and they help promote discovery of things in the garden such as little bugs!

2. Enhance Gross Motor Skills

Being outdoors provides plenty more space and freedom for activities that help to improve children’s gross motor skills, and these activities could include: running, throwing or kicking a ball, jumping, skipping, hopping and so on. Not only are these activities fun for your child, they are also beneficial for your child’s overall health, including their physical development and fitness.

These skipping ropes are great for children to keep active and exercising.

3. MORE FUN! Less Stress about MESS!

Let’s get messy!! When playing outside, there is no need for parents to stress about all the mess that result from some play activities, if these were held inside. For a lot of children, more mess often means more fun!!

4. Less Screen Time

By being outdoors, your child is less likely going to be using/watching screens, whether intentionally or unintentionally. I am not totally against screen time in our household, however being outdoors definitely helps us ALL to have a break from screen time, not just the kids. Apart from this, fresh air is always good for the soul, can help to regulate emotions, and sunlight can most definitely help to boost your children’s vitamin D levels.

5. You don’t need much for Outdoor Play!

Playing outside does not need to be such a huge ordeal! Seriously, it doesn’t need to be so complicated, kids just need a safe environment (especially the younger ones), and they are more than capable of exploring and playing with what is available in the given outdoor environment. With older children, they may even invent their own games, or get involved in more structured outdoor play such as a sports game.

6. Helps to Build Life Skills

From my personal experience, I find that my toddler LOVES to “HELP”. I’m sure many other parents with toddlers would agree they experience the same. Although the tasks can take longer, it’s important to include them in such activities, as it’s helping to teach them important life skills! When outdoors, young children can be involved with helping to hang clothes on the line, gardening tasks such as weeding or watering the garden, cleaning tasks such as sweeping up the leaves, and so on. In helping with these tasks, not only are children learning important life skills, it also helps to increase their self-confidence!

7. You save MONEY!

How many of us have planned to take our kids to the play centre, and when we get there, not only do we pay entrance fees, we then get tempted to get a coffee, ohh what about that delicious looking chocolate muffin to go with it? Then your kids become hungry but the food you packed for them is not enticing anymore (if you managed to pack food in the first place) so you then buy food as well. By the time the whole ordeal is over, you’ve spent quite a bit of money! As always, you will see in all our blogs that we are not so strict with completely eliminating certain activities in our lives, and yes we will still go to a play centre once in a while, however we will try and do as many free play activities as possible in the biggest play area provided by mother nature – the OUTDOORS! If you don’t have a backyard, fair enough, the local playground, park or sport oval is a great alternative that is FREE!

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