Lockdowns are over…but don’t forget to continue supporting online Australian small businesses

Lockdowns are over…but don’t forget to continue supporting online Australian small businesses

Remember when we were stuck at home, and all over sudden everyone started baking as a hobby, doing more arts and crafts, spending more time with the children, gardening, going for a walk within 5km from your house, and most importantly, shopping online from small businesses?! People realised how important it is to support Australian small businesses!

But now that lockdowns are over, have we forgotten the Australian small businesses?

As a mother with a toddler and baby, gone are the days when it was so easy to head out to the shopping centre, walk around browsing and shopping. This task is now so stressful, so why put myself through it when I can purchase things online? There is a myriad of events that you can expect when at the shops with kids, e.g tantrums, sensory overload, fatigue, wanting you to buy everything they like, when they are toilet training and you need to walk so long to find the toilet, this is stressful for everyone, you get the picture. During lockdowns, when I started doing a bit more online shopping, I found a new appreciation of the ease in having items delivered to the front door! 

“Choose your battles”

One of my favorite quotes since becoming a mother is “choose your battles”, and when it comes to heading out to the shops with the kids, this is definitely a battle I don’t choose!

When I first started online shopping (prior to lockdowns), I used to always complain about shipping costs, but since starting my own small business, I can’t believe how much I used to complain! I mean, the parcels are not going to get to my house for free are they? The people sorting and delivering the parcels need a payment too don’t they? Anyway, the point to this is, back then I would’ve chosen to experience all the stress of going into a highly crowded shopping centre with my kids even though the whole event would take up to 3 hours just to get everyone out the house, drive to the shops, purchase the items (don't forget fuel costs getting there), deal with all the stressors, and back home, all to avoid paying shipping costs. This actually makes me laugh now! and also feel a little sad for not supporting the small businesses who would've literally done a happy dance to receive my order. Generally, shipping costs are less than $10 for a small parcel, and when I compare packing the kids in the car and have all those events that you can expect to occur, I think sitting down on the couch, buying from some small Australian businesses, and a few days later having parcels delivered right at the front door seems so much more appealing!

So yes, lockdown is over, and this is great news for so many! However, even though we may not be baking as much as we did, or any of the other hobbies we developed, let’s not forget to continue our support for the online Australian small businesses.

What do you guys think about online shopping vs. heading out to the shops with kids? Do you think small online businesses have now been forgotten since everyone is back at the shops? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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