Let's Make a Pasta Bracelet or Necklace!

Let's Make a Pasta Bracelet or Necklace!

This is one of the simplest Fine Motor activities you can do at home with your little one, using items that are commonly found around the home!

 What you will need:

- Macaroni

- Any type of string you have available

- Scissors to cut the string to your desired length

- A bowl to put the macaroni in


Simply thread the string through the macaroni pieces! Ensure to help your child tie a knot at the end of the string so the macaroni pieces do not fall out!

Image showing a pasta bracelet or necklace using fine motor skills

How to grade this activity:

For younger kids, use larger macaroni so it's easier to thread through. For older kids, or even younger kids up for a challenge, use smaller macaroni!

What skills is my child developing during this activity?

Threading is such a fun and beneficial activity as it can assist children develop and enhance dexterity and fine motor skills, which are essential for performing functional tasks such as drawing, writing, dressing (e.g zips, buttons, buckles, shoe laces), as well as other activities such as using utensils or opening a lunch box.

This activity also helps to develop hand-eye coordination and concentration skills!


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