Learning Through Play

Learning Through Play

Learning Through Play - Our First Blog Post! 

I was at a doctor’s clinic recently completing paperwork to register my son as a new patient, and the form asks for the patient’s occupation. Now, my son is less than two years old, so I was tempted to write “boss of the house” or “CEO – with 2 staff that change my nappy and attend to all my needs 24/7” or something along those lines. I didn’t though, I just crossed that part out and wrote, “I’m a baby, I PLAY!”

This leads me onto the topic of my first blog post: Learning Through PLAY!

Play is an all-encompassing, enjoyable activity for children, and this is essentially their occupation from birth until they transition to other life stages. Play is not only one of the most enjoyable activities for them, it’s a medium through which they learn! During play, children have opportunity for exploration, they work through decision making, imagination, problem solving, social interactions, and so much more. From babies- to toddlers - to primary school aged children, the type of play they engage in and its purpose will change over time.

At NEST Fun creations, we have carefully selected a range of toys and tools that will not only provide fun for your children, but have the added benefits of skill development - whether it be physical development, social and emotional development, literacy and numeracy development or cognitive development. During play, they will be encouraged to problem solve, enhance their fine motor skills, and so much more. We have a few collections available so you can choose items that will be suitable for their age, their interests, or to help them with a skill they may be currently working on, such as dressing independently.

Our collection includes toys suitable for independent play, or for you to join in! We are a big advocate of parental engagement in children’s learning (more on this in another blog in future) as this also has many positive benefits. But don’t worry, as a parent myself I appreciate independent play especially for times when you just need to sit down and enjoy that cuppa while it’s still hot instead of warming it up 10 times in the microwave! We are confident there will be toys in our collection that will engage your child to play independently while you drink that hot cuppa before it gets cold! You deserve it!

So, by the end of this blog, it’s probably obvious that we will be a CHILDREN'S TOY RETAILER!! But WAIT! We will also have THEMED ACTIVITY BOXES to be released throughout the year. More details on this later…


NEST Fun Creations xx

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